Client Reviews

“I am most happy to recommend Kathy for her Dog Training Services. She is a true professional who loves her job. She is a true dog person, not simply a trainer. Her experience and expertise in her field sets her apart. If you are looking for group or one on one training for your best friend, call Kathy. You will not be disappointed.”  Cheryl S. – Redding, CA


“Through Dog Training classes and through the Nor Cal Dog club, Kathy has helped me train my two rescued dogs. She loves dogs and people, and works well with both. Her training methods are gentle but effective, and she provides a wealth of information to the people she works with. A well trained dog is a happy dog; and dogs that Kathy has taught owners to train are happy dogs!” Janet R. – Redding, CA


“I completed a dog/puppy class course with Kathy. She is a dedicated, kind and knowledgeable person. She was not only great with the dogs & their owners, but was very knowledgeable of food & supply items. My 6 year-old girl, Gracie, was a rescue from a Missouri puppy mill. The group that rescued her, Colonel Potter Cairn Rescue estimates that she had at least 10 litters of pups before her health was ruined with a large hernia that prevented any future litters for the mill. This was the reason for her release from bondage. Because she was raised in a 2X2 ft wire cage the poor girl was basically catatonic, with a great deal of social fears. Due to the attention, compassion & guidance that Kathy gave to the both of us, Gracie has just blossomed & is on her way to becoming the dog she was meant to be! We are looking forward to attending more classes.” Fay C. & Gracie – Redding, CA


“I can attest that Kathy absolutely loves animals, especially dogs. She is kind, generous with her time and with her love. What more can I say? She’s an attractive lady, loves animals, sings beautifully, and cares about people and their varied endeavors.” Claude D. – El Dorado, CA


“Kathy is a dear friend from high school that I have recently reconnected with, her sincerity and dedication is just as strong if not stronger than I remember it back then. Kathy is now a recognized leader in her field. Anyone who loves animals as much as Kathy does is a gem in my book!!!” Pamela H. – Southern Calif.


“Kathy, thank you for all your help with Gauge” Christine B. & Gauge, Montague, CA


“Kathy, thank you for all your help in making the 5th “Annual Kinder-College Day” a huge success.” College Options – Simpson University, Redding, CA

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