Puppy & Beginning Dog Training Class Information

Puppy and Beginning Dog Training Class Information

Puppy and Family Dog Training classes meet twice weekly on Mondays & Thursdays for a total of 6 classes. Each class lasts approximately 1 hour (Puppy class is an additional 15 minutes longer to allow for “puppy play time”).

SIGN UP FOR OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER TO BE INFORMED OF ALL UPCOMING CLASSES or contact us and we’ll be sure to add you to the list.

Class Times:

  • 5:30-6:45 p.m. Puppy (Ages 10 weeks – approximately 4-5 months old)
  • 7:00-8:00 p.m. Family (Ages approximately 5-6 months and older)

Vaccinations Requested:

  • Puppies: DHLP-Parvo – at least first 2 sets, Canine Influenza & Bordetella
  • Dogs 6 mos & older: DHLP-Parvo, Rabies, Canine Influenza & Bordetella

Class Location: Pilgrim Congregational Church, 2850 Foothill Blvd, West Redding

(We strongly suggest before classes begin you familiarize yourself with the location. The classroom location is around back in the lower parking lot. It is suggested you go around the block and park in the lower parking lot. The entrance can be tricky to find especially at night)

Class Fee: $100.00

*Discounts available for: more than one dog in the family when both take the class together with two handlers; OR those who are repeating the class to brush up on skills.

Click this link to Register for Classes

Click Here to Download “What to Bring to Class”

Please remember to mail a COPY OF YOUR VACCINATION RECORDS with your registration form and payment to: Attn: Kathy Dunn, K9 Kelts Dog Training P.O. BOX 494694, REDDING, CA 96049-4694 THANK YOU!

***REMEMBER, with the Post Office changes, delivery will take extra days so you can email me the info if you’d like at: KathysK9Kelts@charter.net

For more information please call Kathy Dunn at 356-8286. I am so looking forward to classes again and having you and your dog have an opportunity to experience both fun and training.

Kathy Dunn, Certified Dog Trainer, AKC CGC Evaluator & Trainer, Full Member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers, Alumni & Mentor of the Animal Behavior College.


2 thoughts on “Puppy & Beginning Dog Training Class Information

  1. Hello. What is the next start date for begining classes after the one starting Oct 16th? I would like to sign up for that one.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will be starting classes again early to mid January 2018. Please sign up for my email list so you can receive the latest news on classes and info. Thank you for asking. Look forward to seeing you in the near future.


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