Obedience and Manners Classes

Puppy Manners & Socialization Classes

Class Description: Start your puppy out on the right paw. These group puppy classes include puppy playtime, basic beginning obedience commands, problem-solving ideas, socializing, house-training, chewing, teething, digging and more. This class will teach your puppy basic manners, build his/her confidence and establish the bond that will make your pup a joy to own. This class is for puppies (10 weeks through 4-5 months).

Lessons ​Include: Sit, down, come, leash manners, greeting politely, watch me, stand, leave it, off, wait, and common puppy issues. Also included will be how to resolve common issues like jumping up, pulling on leash, and over excitement towards other dogs and people. Puppy Play Time (as time permits) will be included to teach your puppy social manners around other puppies.

ALL puppies attending all 6 classes will be eligible to receive the AKC S.T.A.R. (Socialization, Training, Activity, Responsible) Puppy Program, which is a medal and a completion certificate. Puppies do NOT need to be AKC registered in order to participate.

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Family Dog 1 – Beginning Dog Training Class for the Family Dog

Class Description: For dogs 5 months old through senior dogs, join us in our Family Dog Training class. This class is a basic beginning obedience and manners class for the “family” dog. Teach the skills and manners that will make your dog a joy to own. These group dog training classes are designed to help socialize and train older puppies and adult dogs, and include basic obedience commands, good manners, problem-solving ideas for basic behavior problems. Through various group lessons and discussions, you will learn how to successfully communicate with your pet.

This is an ideal class for your rescue dog, adolescent or older dog needing to improve his/her basic manners and behavior.

Lessons include: Sit, down, come, leash manners, heel, greeting politely, watch me, swing finish (return to heel position from a front sit), stand, leave it, off, wait, sit/stay, down/stay and stand/stay. Also included will be how to resolve common issues like jumping up, pulling on leash, and over excitement towards other dogs and people.

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Family Dog 2 – Continued Dog Training Class for the Family Dog

This 6-week intermediate group class expands on behaviors and skills learned in Family Dog 1. Lessons include:

  • More advanced and complex training techniques
  • Fun games to help keep your dog physically and mentally stimulated
  • Working with and increasing reliability in the “3 D’s” – Distractions, Duration, Distance – with all previously learned skills including sit/stay, down/stay, stand/stay, heeling, etc.

This class is for dogs that have graduated from Family Dog 1 or equivalent

Intermediate & Advanced Classes

These classes are for dogs who have graduated from “Family Dog 1 and/or Family Dog 2”.


6 thoughts on “Obedience and Manners Classes

  1. Nila Rhoades

    Hello Kathleen
    Just curious of you currently have a training facility and are starting up a puppy class?


  2. Melissa Stoffel

    Hi! I was curious when your next puppy class starts? We have a 10 week old Boxer/Pit mix that I would love some help with. She is due for her 2nd round of shots in two weeks and then will be ready to attend. She was a rescue, taken away from her mother a little too soon but it would have been worse had she stayed. She is a big love who is already learning some basic commands but has some issues with biting (in play, never aggressive but is too much for my 2 Yorkies & 3 year old daughter) and I’m afraid she has some separation anxiety. Also I want LOTS of socialization with the breeds that she is.
    Thank you!


    • Hi Melissa, I have some classes beginning in June, which may be the best training option for your situation. I also offer in home private lessons if that would be more convenient for you. My prices for private lessons begin at $55 per visit. The price could be more if your dog is extremely reactive, or if I have to travel out of the Redding/Anderson area. Please give me a call at (530) 356-8286 & we can see what may work for your situation.


  3. Jeff Lighthall

    What days do you do the family dog training class and how long are they?


    • Hi Jeff,
      I see you have made a comment twice… Many apologies for not responding sooner to your questions. Even greater apology if you’ve been one of the unfortunate people I’ve neglected to return phone messages. Since the end of August, I have been without a training location. I am currently offering private lessons, one-on-one, in your home, or at an agreed upon location based upon your training needs.

      Generally, private lessons begin at $55.00 per 1-hour session. Prices may be higher depending on if you’re are NOT in the general immediate Redding/Anderson area, or if you have multiple dogs, or dealing with some serious aggression/dog reactivity issues.

      Puppy and beginning Obedience/manners class are typical $95 for a total of 6 class sessions, generally 1-hour long.


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