Agility for Fun Classes

Agility is a dog sport consisting of various obstacles for your dog to learn and build a teamwork relationship with their handler. Agility includes a variety of Jumps, Tunnels, Weave Poles, “Contact” obstacles (A-Frame, Dog Walk, Teeter-Totter, etc.) and other obstacles.

Agility fosters and strengthens a special bond between dog and handler. Dogs bored in obedience often shine in Agility, as it is exciting and fun. It can build confidence in dogs and decrease negative behaviors often associated with boredom or inactivity. For the human side of the team, it can alleviate stress by focusing on fun and expand your horizons!

Because this class is “for fun”…  participants of any skill level are welcome to attend.

Classes are for any dog over 6 months old and must have had a basic beginning obedience class. Because of our emphasis on SAFETY, ALL participants will follow instructor’s directions; AND for Puppies (because of bones and growth plates not complete) and Senior dogs, obstacles will be reduced in height and difficulty.

ALL dogs should be able to do the basic obedience skills: sit, down, come, wait/brief stay, & walk/heel with a loose leash.

Class Details:

We will meet once a week, for a total of 4 classes. Each class will last approximately 1 – 1.5 hours. PLEASE NOTE: because this is an outdoor class, there will be times when we need to reschedule “rain dates” or “too hot dates”.

  • Beginners: will concentrate on getting acquainted with obstacles, basic control, and safety; simple sequences, and dogs will be on leash.
  • Intermediate/Advanced: will concentrate on more complex sequencing, cross-overs, lead-outs, go-outs, and off leash work.
Class Location: TBA
Class Fee:  $120.00

All our classes include fun and games to help your dog learn that responding to your requests are great fun wile working with distractions.

This class will strongly emphasize: Safety, Control, and Accuracy. We also incorporate an abundance of Praise, Rewards, and Fun!

For more information please call Kathy Dunn at (530) 356-8286.

If your dog is reactive or has any aggression issues, PLEASE, first talk with me, Kathy Dunn and let us work out a plan so you and your dog can have fun while working to overcome fears and reactivity.

Along with downloading the info on “What to Bring to Class”… You will also want to bring the following:

  • Vaccination Records (or upload with your online registration form)
  • Comfortable Clothes and Practical Shoes (so you don’t trip)!
  • Insect Repellent or Sunscreen
  • Chair(s)
  • Water for both you and your dog & a water bowl for your dog
  • 6 ft. leash and regular collar (because of safety reasons: no chain leashes, no retractable leashes, no choke chains, no prong collars, no head halters.)
  • Dogs Favorite Treats or Very Special Toy
  • Dog Crate

I am looking forward to seeing you, meeting your dog and having you and your dog experience fun while training!
Kathy Dunn

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