About Kathy

I’m a Dog Trainer, Inspirational/Motivational Speaker Worship Leader, Singer/Songwriter, Writer. Most of all I am uniquely me!

I currently have 1 dog, Skippy my Italian Greyhound

I play the Guitar, Flute, Recorder, Irish Tin Whistle.

I love to read, love history, love theology, love Celtic Christianity.

I have two webpages: www.kieranna.com; www.k9keltsdogtraining.com

I enjoy bike riding, fishing, camping, gardening, the great outdoors, bird watching and of course anything dog related.

I also live with two Havana Brown cats.

I am an Orthodox Christian.

I love living in far Northern California.

I love my Family.

I’ve been to Ireland twice and would love to go back again and again to the green isle of the mystical celts and saints.

My life has been full and interesting. I graduated from Shasta Community College with an A.A. degree in Early Childhood Education and Administration. I enjoyed teaching preschoolers and directing an afterschool daycare program. I went to the School of Discipleship at Little Country Church. I have traveled on many missions trips throughout the U.S. and Mexico. I went to a missionary training school called Youth With A Mission for many months. I have volunteered in different capacities for a variety of social causes. I graduated from Simpson University with a B.A. in Business Human Resource Management. I worked at CareNet Pregnancy Center for over 18 years – the last 8 years as the Executive Director. I volunteered in a variety of capacities including dog training and was a member of the Nor Cal Dog Training Club for a number of years. I graduated with honors from the Animal Behavior College and am now a mentor for their upcoming dog training students. I have been a consultant for many volunteer organizations and a speaker for a variety of audiences ranging from children to an auditorium full of adults of a variety of moral, social and spiritual topics. I enjoy singing gospel, contemporary christian worship, hymns, spirituals, folk songs and camp songs. I enjoy life and look ahead with hopeful expectancy as to where my path may lead me next.


2 thoughts on “About Kathy

  1. Dennis Partlow

    How do we get a hold of you by phone? Mt wife has a 5 month old puppy that she would like to get trained.


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